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Fancy chorus singing? Here's your chance! Weekly rehearsals of Gilbert and Sullivan choruses (in public!) culminating in a concert that you can invite your friends and family to. We provide the venue, staff, music...and the fun!


ANYONE! This is a chorus for anyone and everyone ages 1-109! If you've sung before, great! If you've never sung before, great! If you are a Gilbert & Sullivan scholar, great! If you know nothing about Gilbert & Sullivan, here is your chance to immerse yourself in a fun way! What is unique about our chorus is that we will be focusing on the fun and uplifting music of Gilbert & Sullivan. However, you do not have to be able to read music. Our conductor, Nina Lainville, is experienced at working with all levels (from first-timers to seasoned professionals and everyone in between) and brings with her a choral perspective fresh from the UK. Here is your chance to see what it feels like to be in a British choir!


What could be more invigorating than singing Gilbert & Sullivan choruses (in public!)? Chorus singing is having a major resurgence in the UK, and we think it is time to bring this movement "across the pond". Community choral singing has proven to improve your mood, outlook, breathing, posture, and musicality, while at the same time building relationships within a community, something we think is important in our "tech-centered" world. AND if that isn't enough good will to spread around, a large part of your "tuition" will go to support independent theatre through the work of House of Murgatroyd Entertainment (H.O.M.E.). When you sing Gilbert & Sullivan choruses (in public!) everyone wins!

Arthur Sullivan, Punch's Fancy Portraits, conducting, H.M.S. Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance, Leeds, Orchestra, Cox and Box, Edinburgh, Trial by Jury, Victorian, music, skull and crossbones, treasure, violin, baton
WHY "in public"?

In Gilbert and Sullivan's "Ruddigore", the character Mad Margaret says "They sing choruses in public. That's mad (crazy) enough, I think!". It's our little tip of the hat to Gilbert & Sullivan, and besides, who ISN'T just a little, teeny weeny wee bit "mad"?


House of Murgatroyd Entertainment (H.O.M.E.) brings to you Great Britain's own, Nina Lainville, to lead you in chorus singing. Nina has been an active part of the London choral scene which has had a major resurgence with office choirs, cancer choirs, and community singing. More info on Nina and H.O.M.E. in the BIO section of our website!

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